Welcome to the official dev log of The Floor is Jelly. Hopefully, it will be updated from time to time...

19th February 2014

The Floor is Jelly is on Greenlight

Ta da!

23rd January 2014

The Floor is Jelly

Hello everyone! Thanks for sticking with me so far these last two years, the game is finally, finally, at long last, rewarding all your long suffering patience… coming out!

Check out the website: http://thefloorisjelly.com/

And the trailer: https://vimeo.com/83281882

23rd January 2014


brendangaming-deactivated201404 asks:
Any thoughts on a potential release date? :D

a few! vimeo.com/83281882

14th December 2013

Sometimes, a Glitch

glitch img

5th December 2013

Too Many Leaves!

What happens when you don’t clear the frame buffer. Long ribbons of leaves streaming through the sky.

4th November 2013

Question with 2 notes

Anonymous asks:
Hello! I'm just wondering if this gorgeous game is something that is still being worked on or not. If so, I hope to see more updates soon!

Hi, thanks! This game is definitely still being worked on, and is closer than ever to being done.

Here are some houses I made for it recently!

I expect the game to be out sometime within the next 3 months.

25th August 2013

The Moon, The Water

23rd August 2013

A Short Note

This is a short note to say that yesterday I finished the last of the main levels in The Floor is Jelly.

There is still plenty left to do. I need to go back in and edit pretty much everything. I still need to add a bunch of secret levels. There are many bugs to squish that have been hanging around from the beginning.

However, the game can now be (roughly) played from start to finish! The end of development is starting to look like an achievable thing from my perspective. Who knows, maybe I’ll even announce an official release date soon?

9th August 2013


Anonymous asks:
Was the pink level designed to look reminiscent of the letter [pi] or was that just how it turned out. Are there any more maths-y themed levels? - A Physicist

It wasn’t originally, but it is now. Pi (π!) is a pleasant shape to me, and it’s thematically consistent with this particular level.

This shape is also the basic form of the torii, although I wouldn’t read too deeply into that.

8th August 2013

Level With Colors


Sometimes, as with the above screenshot, you just have to commit two full days to making your colors pretty. The scheme in this one feels to me as though it’s just on the edge of falling apart, it’s very fragile. One wrong color and the whole thing disintegrates. The windows are not colored here, yet, and sport the default red. You can see how the image begins breaking down near them.

I knew when I began work on this section’s colors that I wanted something markedly different from the rest of the game. Much fiddling was required to escape the orange/yellow/blue scheme most of the game adheres to and find something that felt consistent yet unexpected. I’m satisfied with the result so far.

I had lots of fun with the color of the land in this particular scheme. Taken on its own, it’s a desaturated, tan yellow. Because of red-leaning purple in the background, however, it reads almost as green. It’s a tricky way of using the color green without breaking my silly, self-imposed rule of not actually using the color green.